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LonMark Building Automation, Refresher Class, and Certified Professional Test


Full program including the following modules:

    Building Automation Course

    LonWorks Refresher Course

    Certified Professional Exam


BONUS - Includes printed copy of:

LonWorks Installation Handbook

Building Automation Class Binder

Hard copy mailed to each student (Handbook in English, Spanish, German, or Japanese option, Class Binder - English only)


Course Fee: $1550 inclusive < BEST OPTION


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Introduction to Building Automation



High level introduction to building automation, terms, design, specification, and implementation.


6 Learning Modules

Duration: ~20 hours

Resources, Reading Assignments, Assessment Quizzes


Certificate of Completion




Course Fee: $695 (Online course only)


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LonMark Refresher Class



Preparation for LonMark Certified

Professional (LCP) test


10 Learning Modules

Duration: ~6 hours

Resources, Reading Assignments


Certificate of Completion



Course Fee: $395 (Online course only)


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LonMark Certified Professional Test



Required test for the LCP Credential


120 Multiple Choice Questions

2 Hour time limit


Covers the 12 chapters of the LonWorks Installation Handbook


Credential, Letter, and Listing in Directory


Test Fee: $375 (Online test)


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    Payment for the courses and the tests can be made using PayPal linked to your bank account or credit card. Once registered and payment has been verified,, you may start your course or test immediately. (For large groups or payment using a purchase order, contact


    Registration Steps:

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    2. Return to this page and click on Enter Course Selection below

    3. Login, then select the course you wish to register for

    4. Enter your payment information

    5. Upon verification of payment, you can start the course or testimmediately


    Please note you can begin and stop any course and return to it later. The LCP test, which must be completed in one session, as it is a timed test.


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